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Personal Injury Representation

At O'Donnell Lee you are a person, not a number. High-volume, quick turn-over personal injury firms often do not provide the personalized attention that you deserve. There are several reasons to consider representation by us if you have been in an accident:

1.  Leveling the playing field - The adjuster and associated attorneys of the insurance company spend all their time on personal injury cases.  The injured person typically has only a single experience in this complicated area. We have the background and experience to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. The best settlement, not the quickest one, is our goal.

2.  Objectivity - When the injury involves you personally, it is extremely difficult to evaluate the case objectively.  We can evaluate the case objectively and advise you accordingly. 

3.  Emotional buffer - Suffering a personal injury is often emotionally traumatizing. Having us as a buffer between you and the insurance company offers emotional protection at a difficult time.

4.  Remedying inadequate insurance - Sometimes it is difficult to receive the medical care you need.  With the personalized attention we provide, we can often arrange for you to receive medical care in exchange for guaranteed payment of medical bills out of settlement proceeds.  This medical care can make the difference between recovery and having a chronic condition.

5.  Settlement of medical liens - Even after settlement of your case with the at-fault party, there is much work to be done. MaineCare, Medicare, Workers' Compensation, your own health insurance company, or your own auto insurance company may be requesting full payment for amounts they have paid on your behalf, though they did nothing to obtain the settlement.  The amount that is recoverable is often limited by state and federal law. We will maximize your recovery by settling these claims for the smallest amount possible.

6.  No risk - You do not pay for legal services unless there is money recovered, and then the fee is one-third of the amount collected at the time of settlement.  This means you do not have to be concerned about paying expensive legal fees during a time when you are likely most financially vulnerable. 

Often the disruption caused by your injury affects other areas of your life, such as business,  employment, or family needs. Also, a settlement may require you to revise your estate planning.  Unlike limited practice personal injury firms, O'Donnell Lee is a general practice firm that can represent you in all of these areas.

Centrally located, we serve all areas of the State. Call (207) 872-0112 for a free consultation.