Tom McCowan's Real Estate Law Desk Index*

Frequently referenced or hard-to-find statutes at your fingertips.
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Conveyance Requirements

Transfer tax and form exemptions        
Power of Attorney required language        
Signature of non-owner spouse        
Short Form Deeds Act        

Mortgages and Foreclosure

Foreclosure deed content requirements        
Foreclosure by civil action        
Borrowers Right of Rescission        
Statutory Condition        
Foreclosure by power of sale        
Notice of Mortgagor's Right To Cure        
Federal prohibition of due on sale clause for
adding spouse or child to title        

Liens and Restrictions

Writs of Execution        
Mechanic's Liens        
In-progress mechanic's lien        
Landscaping Liens        
Presumption of payment of judgment after 20 years
Contingent Interests - Time Limits        

Easements and Private Roads

Easements automatically pass with property        
Easements - Utilities presumptions        
Private road maintenance costs - forced contribution
Notice to Prevent Easement        
Petition to Remove Easement        
Trails Easements        
Landowner liability limited         

Eviction and Renting

Rental Property        
Eviction law (Forcible Entry & Detainer)        
Abandoned Property        
Mobile Home Parks - Landlord/Tenant        

Tax Liens and Discharges

Tax lien late discharge valid after 1 year        
Tax lien Notice of Impending Foreclosure
to Mortgagees        
Action to confirm tax lien foreclosure        
Acknowledgement unneeded for tax liens/discharges
Statute of Limitations for challenging tax lien foreclosure
Municipal deed back to owners restores joint tenancy after January 1, 2012

Litigation and Dispute Issues

Judgments - Real Estate - Mandatory Language        
Adverse Possession statute of limitations        
Declaratory Judgment        
Trespass Damages        
Timber trespass (injury to forest products)        
Prohibition on disturbing boundary markers        

Estates and Elder Issues

PR Notice to heirs in deed of sale requirement        
Wills - Intestate Succession        
Improvident transfers of title        

*DISCLAIMER (of course):  This index is not comprehensive, may not be current, is not intended to constitute legal advice, and may not include all statutes that should be considered regarding any given issue.  It is intended only as an aid to speed up the process of locating statutes that are frequently referenced or, on the other hand, obscure and difficult to locate on the rare occasions needed.

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